Decommissioning Your Industrial Generator

industrial generator outside facility
Decommissioning an industrial generator is an important part of removing a used generator from your facility.

If you have a used industrial generator you no longer need, you might wonder how to get rid of it. After all, it’s not like simply throwing away an old desk or a piece of chewing gum. Due to the size, weight, and complexity of generators, you need specialized services to remove the generator from your facility. This is also known as decommissioning. This article explores some general information about decommissioning industrial and commercial generators. 

What is Decommissioning for an Industrial Generator?

Decommissioning is the term used for disconnecting an industrial generator from the electrical system in a building. Generator decommissioning can be quite a complex process, as you must remove various wires, equipment, as well as any diesel in the tank. 

It’s crucial to properly decommission generators you no longer use. This means you need an expert to perform decommissioning services. Improper disconnection can be extremely hazardous. For instance, incorrect decommissioning can increase the risk for electric shock and other injuries. Also, incorrectly uninstalling your industrial or commercial generator can cause significant damage to your building’s electrical infrastructure. Therefore, to properly decommission your facility’s generator, you need help from an experienced professional. 

However, it’s important to keep in mind that disposing of an industrial generator can be tricky. We mentioned the size and weight of generators, which makes them difficult to remove from the facility. It’s also important to note that generators often have various materials that are considered hazardous waste by most municipalities. Incorrect disposal of these components can create legal trouble and lead to fines from your local municipality. What’s more, disposing of a used generator can be expensive

Instead, consider selling your used generator to us to avoid these hassles and dangers.

Why Sell an Industrial Generator to Generator Country?

One option if you have a generator you need to remove from your building is to sell an industrial generator to our team at Generator Country. This means you get cash for generator assets you no longer need and we complete the decommissioning and removal for you. Rather than paying to have someone decommission the generator and haul it away to a landfill, we will take care of everything. Our team expertly removes the generator from your building, takes care of transporting it to our system, and give you cash in return. 

Another benefit of selling your generator to us? It keeps it out of a landfill. Once we remove your used generator, our team refurbishes it to give it a new lease on life. Then, it goes to another facility in need of standby power. This keeps it out of a landfill and is essentially like recycling. 

So, just to review, selling your used generator to us means:

  • You get cash for your used generator
  • We take care of decommissioning and removal
  • You get satisfaction knowing the generator isn’t going to a landfill

It’s a win-win situation for everyone. 

Total Solutions for Your Critical Power Generator Needs

At Generator Country, we offer total solutions for generators. We buy used generators to help you remove them from your facility and maximize ROI for your industrial standby generators. If you need a new or used generator, we also sell high quality generator sets from leading manufacturers. Whatever your critical power generator needs, we have options for you. Contact us today for power solutions for your commercial or industrial needs.