We Buy Generators

Generators are an investment, and you want to get the most out of your investment. We’re here to help you achieve that goal! If you have a generator you no longer need, sell us your industrial or commercial class generators.

Some used and surplus generators we purchase include:

  • Diesel generators
  • Natural gas generators
  • Single phase generators
  • Three phase generators
  • Standby generators
  • Portable generators

Our team expertly refurbishes pre-owned generator sets to give them new life. When you sell a generator to us, you get cash for your old generator and free up valuable space in your facility. We take care of any repairs and maintenance the generator needs and then offer it to other companies looking for cost-effective used generators.

surplus generator in facility where facility manager can sell an industrial generator to us
Why sell your commercial generator to us?
  • Fair prices on power generation assets
  • Immediate wire transfers for used generators
  • Removal services for generators
  • Friendly customer service
  • Trusted reputation

Whether you’re upgrading to a new generator, moving locations, changing tenants, closing your facility, or consolidating facilities, have peace of mind that you can get the most out of your generator with our team. We offer competitive prices for used commercial and industrial generators of all kinds, ranging anywhere from 100 KW to 2.5 MW.

How much your used generator is worth depends on many factors. Our experts look at many details to help determine the value of your used generator. Condition, size, age, brand, and hours used are all important when it comes to assessing a fair price for your used generator. We take everything into account to help you get the most value from your pre-owned industrial generator.

We pride ourselves on offering top-dollar for used generators. As an industry leader, you know you can trust us to provide you with fair valuations for your pre-owned generators. Our goal is to create long-term relationships with our customers. Whether you need to buy a generator  or want to sell a used generator to us, get the advantage of expert advice from our reputable, service-oriented team.

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Ready to Sell?

    Power Generation Asset Recovery

    Selling a generator on your own is hard work, especially when you have other things to focus on like day-to-day operations. Rather than going through the hassle of repairing the generator and finding a buyer, we can take care of all of that for you. There’s no need to worry about maintenance, marketing, or transportation because we handle it all.

    When you sell us your generator, we can help take care of all the pickup logistics for you. We help with generator decommissioning, removal, and transportation to our facility. We purchase generators from all over the U.S. and can help your facility make money off of unused generators.

    We offer turnkey power generation asset recovery services to help you get maximum value out of your generators. That means we’ll do all the heavy lifting and pay you cash to take the generator off your hands. Selling your generator to Generator Country means you get money without the stress of removing the generator from your facility. It’s the most convenient way to get the highest returns from your generator assets.

    Get in contact today for a free cash offer for your used or surplus generator.

    We buy practically any used commercial or industrial class generator! Here are some of the models we are particularly interested in:

    CAT Generators

    CAT Diesel C4.4; KW 36-60
    CAT Diesel C4.4; KW 72-100
    CAT Diesel C7.1; KW 114-200
    CAT Diesel C9; KW 180-300
    CAT Diesel C13; KW 320-400
    CAT Diesel C15; KW 320-500
    CAT Diesel C18; KW 500-750
    CAT Diesel C27; KW 680-800
    CAT Diesel C32; KW 830-1250
    CAT Diesel C175-16; KW 2500-3100
    CAT Diesel SR4B; KW 250
    CAT Diesel 3412; KW 700-800
    CAT Diesel 3412C; KW 591-800
    CAT Diesel 3406C TA; KW 300
    CAT Diesel 3406C TA; KW 350
    CAT Diesel 3406C TA; KW 400
    CAT Diesel 3412C TA; KW 350
    CAT Diesel 3412C TA; KW 650
    CAT Diesel 3412C TA; KW 700
    CAT Diesel 3412C TA; KW 750
    CAT Diesel 3412C TA; KW 800
    CAT Diesel 3508B TA; KW 1000
    CAT Diesel 3512; KW 1100-1250
    CAT Diesel 3512B; KW 1500

    CAT Diesel 3512C; KW 1230-1500
    CAT Diesel 3512C; KW 1750
    CAT Diesel 3516; KW 1750
    CAT Diesel 3516B; KW 2000
    CAT Diesel 3516C; KW 1650-2500
    CAT Diesel 3516E; KW 2500-3000
    CAT Diesel D40 GC; KW 40
    CAT Diesel D50 GC; KW 50
    CAT Diesel D60 GC; KW 60
    CAT Diesel D80 GC; KW 80
    CAT Diesel D100 GC; KW 100
    CAT Diesel D125 GC; KW 125
    CAT Diesel D150 GC; KW 150
    CAT Diesel D175 GC; KW 175
    CAT Diesel D200 GC; KW 200
    CAT Diesel D250 GC; KW 250
    CAT Diesel D300 GC; KW 300
    CAT Diesel D350 GC; KW 350
    CAT Diesel D400 GC; KW 400
    CAT Diesel D450 GC; KW 450
    CAT Diesel D500 GC; KW 500
    CAT Diesel D550 GC; KW 550
    CAT Diesel D600 GC; KW 600

    Cummins Generators:

    Cummins Diesel KTA19; KW 440-500
    Cummins Diesel KTA38; KW 850-1000
    Cummins Diesel KTA50; KW 1120-1545
    Cummins Diesel NTA855; KW 250-400
    Cummins Diesel QSK23; KW 680-800
    Cummins Diesel QSK23; KW 600-800
    Cummins Diesel QSK50; KW 1120-1500
    Cummins Diesel QSK60; KW 1408-2500
    Cummins Diesel QSK78; KW 2200-2750
    Cummins Diesel QSL9; KW 200-300
    Cummins Diesel QSM11; KW 300
    Cummins Diesel QST30; KW 750-2000
    Cummins Diesel QSX15; KW 320-500
    Cummins Diesel QSX19; KW 600-650
    Cummins Diesel QSZ13; KW 400
    Cummins Diesel VTA28; KW 565-660
    Cummins Diesel 4B3.9; KW 34-42
    Cummins Diesel 4BTA3.9; KW 44-92
    Cummins Diesel 4BT3.9; KW 50-65
    Cummins Diesel 6BT5.9; KW 64-110
    Cummins Diesel 6BTA5.9; KW 72-145
    Cummins Diesel 6BTAA5.9; KW 110
    Cummins Diesel 6CTA8.3; KW 140-185
    Cummins Diesel 6CTAA8.3; KW 176-225