Sell an Industrial Generator from Your Property

used generator property needs to sell an industrial generator
Need to sell an industrial generator you no longer need at your property?

Need to sell an industrial generator from your property? Selling a used generator can have many benefits for property managers. In this article, we’ll discuss how and why to sell an industrial generator and why industrial property owners frequently have used generators in their buildings. 

Why Sell an Industrial Generator You No Longer Need?

There may be many reasons you want to sell an industrial generator. Typically, it’s because you no longer need the generator set. For example, if you’re upgrading to a new generator for added reliability and fewer repair costs. Or, perhaps you need a back-up generator that has higher or lower power capacities for your tenants.

Selling a used generator offers many advantages. For instance, selling can maximize lifetime ROI for the generator. Also, when you sell an industrial generator to our team, we can help with de-installation and decommissioning as well. This helps reduce the stress and hassle of removing a generator from your building. Finally, selling your used generator to us helps keep the components out of landfills, as we recondition the unit to recycle it for continued use, rather than throwing the generator set away. 

Selling your used industrial generator by yourself can be quite an involved process. Typically, you must market the listing, answer potential buyer questions, and often even recondition the generator unit. Instead, trust generator experts do all the work for you. We offer cash payment for used generators, help with removal, and take the project off your hands. It’s the most convenient way for property managers to sell used industrial generators. 

Why Property Owners Invest in Generators

If you’re a property manager, there may be many reasons why you invest in an industrial generator. If you own or manage a building with just one tenant, it’s common to simply allow the tenant to install a generator of their choosing. However, if your building features more than one tenant, you may want to install a generator in your property to serve all your tenants. This is generally considered an additional service for your tenants. Having a standby generator can also serve as a marketing point for industrial tenants to choose your property instead of another: your building offers uninterrupted power for their business. 

If you’re looking to buy an industrial generator for your property, there are many options available. You can often save money and get reliable standby generators by purchasing used sets from a reputable used generator dealer. We sell used generators with low operating hours often with total reconditioning so you have peace of mind that you have standby power when you need it. 

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