Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Industrial Power Generator

industrial power generator
You rely on your industrial power generator, so make sure your unit is up to the task of providing power during an outage.

Many facilities have an industrial power generator for backup power in the event of an outage. In some cases, it might be time to replace and upgrade aging generators with newer options. In this article, we’ll discuss why you might want to upgrade, some signs it might be time to replace your old generator, and what to do with used generators. This guide may just help you make the most out of your investment in generator assets. 

Why Replace an Industrial Power Generator?

All mechanical equipment, including generators, will eventually need to be replaced. In many cases keeping your standby generator assets around until they experience catastrophic failure is actually the least cost-effective option. Many facilities choose to wait until their generators are completely unusable to avoid up-front costs for a new generator. However, this typically results in higher long-term costs. For instance, you might have higher repair costs over time with this strategy. When that final failure does occur, this also means you’re simply out of luck until the power comes back on or until you can source a new unit. 

Instead, it’s often a much more economical solution in the long-run to replace your generators in the “sweet spot” of cost-efficiency. In many cases, this is sometime between 10 and 20 years for many generator sets before they start to deteriorate. However, some units may have longer or shorter life cycles. Therefore, it’s important to know the signs that you might need an industrial generator replacement

Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Industrial Power Generator

Of course, just like any other piece of equipment, generator lifecycles can vary. This depends on a lot of different factors, including your maintenance program, how often it runs, how large it is, the brand, and much more. Essentially, there’s no hard-and-fast rule for the exact time that it makes the most economical sense to replace your generator. However, there are plenty of signs and reasons it might be time for your facility to upgrade to a newer or different unit. 

Your Industrial Power Generator Needs Frequent Repairs

Does it seem like you’re calling your generator mechanic a lot for repairs? Even if you’re not dealing with major repairs, this can be a sign it’s time to replace your industrial power generator.

Of course, just because you need a few repairs over the generator unit’s life doesn’t mean you need to immediately replace it. Repairs are a normal part of generator ownership. However, it’s important to look at the cost-effectiveness over time. Frequent repairs, no matter how small, can start to really add up and make it more expensive in the long run to own that unit.

Needing many small repairs in a short amount of time can also be a sign of impending failure, which means you may end up putting money into a unit that you’ll need to replace soon anyhow. So, keep this in mind and really think about when repairing the industrial generator becomes the more expensive option.

Your Power Needs Have Increased

Think about how your facility has changed since you installed your generator. Have you added more equipment or machinery? More employees? Constructed an addition to your building? As your business grows, your generator may need to grow with it. Generators are designed to have a specific power generation capacity, and choosing the right size of generator is important for performance and affordable operation. If your facility has grown, then your power needs may have as well. This means your generator may not be able to keep up. In these cases, the best solution for reliable standby power is to upgrade to a larger unit, even if your current one is in good shape. 

There are Signs of Wear and Tear

In addition, you might notice some signs of wear and tear that may indicate your generator is getting older and nearing the end of its useful life for your facility. For instance, you might notice that your industrial power generator is using much more fuel than normal. This can be a sign that your generator is getting older. Also, inconsistent performance can be an issue for older units, particularly if they haven’t received proper preventative maintenance. Since you depend on your generator when the power goes out, this is another sign that you might need to consider replacing your generator. Any signs of difficulty starting or running may also mean it’s time to start shopping for an industrial generator. 

To Take Advantage of Newer Industrial Power Generator Technologies

Another reason you  might consider upgrading your commercial or industrial generator is to take advantage of new technologies. Just like other equipment, generators are constantly evolving and gaining new features through technological advancement. Some new models can even send you a message when they need maintenance or when the fuel is getting low! In addition, newer units may be more efficient and may help lower your carbon footprint. These are just a few examples of why you might consider replacing your facility’s generator for a newer model. 

You Want to Use Different Standby Power Fuel

Also, some facilities choose to upgrade to a generator with a different fuel source. Two of the most common types of generators for industrial and commercial facilities are diesel generators and natural gas generators. There are also units that use both, also known as bi-fuel generators. In some cases, you might want to switch to a generator that uses a different type of fuel. Each type comes with pros and cons, and you may have realized that one might work better for your facility. For instance, diesel generators offer lower maintenance needs and often lower costs for operation, but can be noisy and require storing fuel on-site. Diesel also goes bad eventually, meaning you may need to replace unused fuel. By contrast, natural gas generators use natural gas from the utility provider. Natural gas generators are more eco-friendly, quieter, and odorless, but may be more expensive to use. 

Sell the Industrial Generator for Maximum ROI

Once you’ve made up your mind to upgrade your generator, what do you do with the old one? Did you know you can sell an industrial generator to help get the most return from the unit? Selling a used generator means you get cash for old generator assets that can go toward a newer unit. When you sell a generator to us, we take care of removal and provide immediate payment for your used industrial generator. This means there’s no need to pay for removal or send it to the recyclers. It’s incredibly simple and offers returns that would otherwise be lost. 

Your Single Source for Generator Solutions – Generator Country

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