Why Install a Commercial Generator for Your Restaurant

restaurant continuing to run during a power outage because of a commercial generator
A commercial generator helps your restaurant keep running during power outages.

Many businesses can benefit from having a commercial generator for standby power. Restaurants often do not have standby generators, yet they rely on electricity significantly. Power outages can cost restaurants thousands in just hours. In this article, we’ll discuss how a standby generator can save your restaurant money and also how used generators offer a cost-effective option for your generator needs.

A Commercial Generator Saves Your Restaurant Money During Power Outages

A critical power generator provides electricity for your building when utility power fails. They usually run on diesel, though many commercial generators run on natural gas instead. It may seem like a big investment to purchase a generator, the fuel, and maintain it in case of a power outage. However, keep in mind that there are many ways your restaurant can lose money during a power outage.

First, you lose business. Without electricity, your servers can’t serve and your cooks can’t cook. Your POS system goes down. That means that every minute your restaurant goes without power, that’s money walking out the door because you can’t feed customers. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that longer power outages can lead to incredible amounts of food waste and increase food costs. When refrigerators and freezers shut down, you are in a race against time. The longer food sits without proper refrigeration, the more likely it will spoil and need to be thrown out. Food safety is an issue during a power outage. Different foods spoil at different rates, but the average refrigerator will only keep food safe for about four hours. Many foods must be thrown out after sitting above 40°F for more than two hours. So, a power outage can seriously increase your food costs and create a lot of waste. Throwing out all that food at one time can also create a logistics problem because your restaurant now must replace a large number of foods at one time, often in between delivery days.

Consider a Cost-Effective Used Critical Power Generator

Having a backup generator for your restaurant is important. However, many restaurant owners are concerned about the cost of purchasing a new generator. The good news is that there are more economical options for commercial generators. Used generators are generators that are pre-owned and then refurbished. They typically have low operating hours and still have plenty of life in them. Many facility owners choose to sell an industrial generator due to generator upgrades, facility moves, or even business closures. This allows them to get rid of the generator they no longer need while those who need generators can buy them at lower prices and take advantage of the many years left on the generator’s service life. 

Sell an Industrial Generator to Generator Country for Cash & Free Removal Services

If you have a used commercial or industrial generator, we will buy it for cash and provide free decommissioning and removal services. Our team at Generator Country specializes in purchasing used generators and refurbishing them to keep them out of the landfill. If you’re looking for a generator, we also sell new and used generators to help you keep the power on during emergencies. Contact us today to talk to our team about your generator needs.