Industrial Power Generator: What is Wet Stacking?

industrial power generator outside a building
Diesel industrial power generators may be prone to wet stacking.

If you have a diesel industrial power generator, you need to know about wet stacking. Wet stacking is a common issue for diesel engines and can happen to diesel generators. Since diesel is the most common fuel type for commercial and industrial generators, it is essential to look out for generator wet stacking signs and follow prevention tips. 

What is Wet Stacking in an Industrial Power Generator?

Wet stacking is what happens when unburned fuel in a diesel engine passes through the exhaust system. When this happens, it can form a black ooze or hard carbon particles. These particles can damage your critical power generator by clogging internal components and eroding engine surfaces. 

Wet stacking occurs when your generator runs for extended periods of time without reaching optimal operating temperature. In most cases, the generator needs to run with at least 60% of its load rating to reach proper operating temperature. 

Over time, wet stacking can cause many different issues with your industrial power generator. Wet stacking can cause inefficient fuel economy, oil dilution with fuel, and premature generator failure. In some cases, wet stacking can cause significant damage that necessitates generator replacement. However, early detection can help you avoid this outcome. 

Preventing Wet Stacking in Your Critical Power Generator

Preventing wet stacking in your industrial power generator is the best way to avoid generator damage. If you are buying an industrial generator, then it’s important to choose the right size for your needs. Many facilities choose generators that are oversized to account for future growth, yet this can actually contribute to wet stacking. Oversized generators still need to run at at least 60% capacity to reduce the risk of wet stacking, so make sure the size rating for the generator fits your actual needs. 

Also, maintenance through regular generator exercising can help prevent wet stacking in your critical power generator. Operating your generator for a few hours at a time with 75% or higher load helps vaporize unburnt fuel left in the exhaust to help minimize damage from wet stacking. Many facilities use load banks to reach proper load to avoid transferring building loads to the generator during tests and maintenance. 

Knowing the causes, signs, and preventative measures against wet stacking helps you keep your generators in good condition and maximize their useful lives. You can avoid many repairs and unnecessary replacements by prioritizing maintenance and wet stacking prevention for your diesel generators. If you do need a replacement generator due to severe wet stacking damage, our team can help you find solutions for your needs and budget.

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